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Monday, January 26, 2009

Poem - Seasonal Jewels

This is a little late seasonaly, however worth a posting :O)
Lyn, amongst other things, is a talented poet who's work I always enjoy!
Thank's Lyn!

Seasonal Jewels
Lyn E. Ayre 25Nov08

Tiny little diamonds
hanging on a branch
Wind just tickles gently
causing them to dance

Pokey spiky fractals
repeating in the air
Chickadee a’ chirping
all without a care

Fall is right upon us
thundering with the sound
Leaves are turning colour
dropping to the ground

Cold and frosty mornings
complete with ruddy dawn
Icicles from rooftops
slippery on the lawn

Ozone smell tells me
snow is coming soon
Songs of joyful carols
whistling happy tunes

All is as it should be
in the world today
Cycles seasons pass us
inviting us to play

Play within each moment
notice what’s around
Never let the weather
ever get you down

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