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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Movie "Cancer, Nutrition, and Healing"

Well, Dear Eco-Gardeners,
we all know loved ones who are dealing with cancer. Here is an inspiring way to learn and to help.

Please join us in Anchorage on Saturday from 4pm to 6pm.

Free Movie! Saturday Matinee

Come watch and then discuss the film, Cancer, Nutrition, and Healing.

Seven years ago, eco-consultant Jerry Brunetti received word that without aggressive chemotherapy treatment he would be dead in as little as six months from an aggressive form of lymphoma. He opted not to travel that route, and instead embarked on his own journey seeking advice, treatments, alternative protocols and hands-on care from a wide variety of sources. The result has been depth of understanding that is almost beyond compare, steady improvement in his own overall health, and a return to normalcy of the affected lymph nodes. Oh, and he’s very much alive.

Learn about: strengthening immunity, holistic treatment protocols, health-boosting recipes, supplements and detoxification, supplementing conventional therapies, foods to eat, and foods to avoid.

When: Saturday March 21 Time: 4 – 6 pm. Cost: free!

More Information: Linda at 562-2259
and www.goodearthgardenschool.com

Terra Bella Bakery Café
601 E. Dimond, Anchorage
Next to Bed, Bath and Beyond, across from Dimond Mall

Ellen Vande Visse
Good Earth Garden School

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